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Lockdown Door Shades

Get your lockdown door shades from Blackout EZ today. Low-cost and highly durable; lockdown shades are a must-have for all schools, from pre-school to university. Get yours today online at https://blackoutez.com/.

How Do I Install Lockdown Door Shades?

Blackout EZ school lockdown shades attach to the door using industrial-strength velcro adhesive. It is also important to ensure that your door is clean prior to installation by wiping it clean with a cloth and allowing it to dry completely. When you are ready to install your school lockdown shades, simply peel back the adhesive backing on the velcro. You'll line up the adhesive velcro over the top of the window frame and press firmly against the door.

The Blackout EZ lockdown door shades are very easy to install. There is no drilling required, no nailing anything in place, and no other construction or assembly whatsoever. Simply peel back the adhesive and stick it in the right place. Once your hideaway helper is secure, and in place, it is quick and easy to use in any sort of emergency situation. When there is a lockdown situation, someone simply needs to come over, pull the tab quickly, and the shade immediately drops into position, covering up the window entirely.

Do Lockdown Door Shades Really Work?

During lockdown or active shooter drills, the blackout shade can be deployed to give everyone in the classroom visual security while planning and taking appropriate actions. Studies have shown that visual security decreases panic significantly, leading to better split-second decision-making in hostile environments.

All that's needed to provide this visual security is a quick tug. Typically, the same person who goes to engage the door lock will be responsible for deploying the lockdown door shade as well. Being able to remain calm, cool, and collected as individuals and as a group during the first alarming moments of an incident can be the difference between life and death. Hopefully, you'll never have to find out if your lockdown shades work, but if you find yourself in such a situation, you might be glad you have them.

If a shooter or a person with hostile intent is on the loose, at best, they can see what precautions or measures your group is taking to defend themselves. In the worst-case scenario, everybody is a sitting duck. No other method of covering windows is as seamless, fast, and easy to deploy as blackout door shades by Blackout EZ. If a gunman can't see inside your room or area, and the door is locked, they are likely to move on.

Lockdown Door Shades Could Save Your Life

It's a tragedy that we live in a world where school shootings and violence take place at all, let alone on the national level that they do. Still, we must maintain an honest view and do all that we can to protect ourselves, our staff, and our children. Every layer of security and protection counts when a bad situation is happening. It can be the seemingly smallest details that can make the most difference in these situations.

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