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BlackoutEZ Window Covers

"My husband is a CSI for a local police department. He has never been able to sleep well in the afternoon. We have tried all types of curtains and covers to block out the sun and have always been disappointed. The Blackout EZ covers are amazing! They block out 100% percent of the sunlight. It is easy to install and remove when not in use. My husband has been sleeping so much better now that we have this great product. The customer service was also Great!"

- Deanna-NC

Blackout EZ Window Covers is a company focused on delivering restful sleep in complete darkness. We offer an effective window blackout product that keeps 100% of sunlight out of a room for sleeping during the daylight hours. Our blackout window covers come in pre-cut or custom sizes in different color combinations of white or black. Blacked out windows are perfect for the day sleeper and will improve your sleep and your health.

Our blackout window treatments are cost-effective and easy to install. They can be removed and re-applied as many times as needed. Blackout EZ window covers are a great choice for a variety of situations, including: night shift workers, parents of small children, movie enthusiasts, homeowners looking for energy efficient window covers to reduce heating and cooling costs, and more.

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