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The Gallery

Blackout EZ Window Covers were used to convert an unused open area with sliding glass doors into a light industrial work space. The sliding glass door is made of four sections with the window covers attached to the glass inside of the frame. This allowed the doors to open without removing the window covers. The white/white color was used.

Blackout EZWindow Covers were used to finish this basement home theater. There is a total of five windows and one door. From left to right, I show the installation process and finish with exterior views. The Blackout EZ Window Covers were all custom sizes with installation taking less than two hours. The owner preferred the black/white material.

This church in Maryland used Blackout EZ Window Covers to control lighting and heat gain in the sanctuary. From left to right, the third picture shows the covers in place with the blinds closed and finish with exterior views.

This company used Blackout EZWindow Covers to convert corner office space into a production studio for in-house training videos. Instead of using hook & loop tape, strong magnets were used at the top to hold the covers in place. The covers were made long enough to lap onto the floor to create a light proof seal. The covers were seamed together using 3/4" hook & loop tape to span the width of the wall of glass. From left to right, the fourth picture shows the space before the covers and the last the exterior view.

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