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Who Needs It

Night Shift Workers
The key to a "Good Days SleepTM" is a totally dark room. The Blackout EZTM blocks all light at the window, providing a totally dark room for a long, deep, restful sleep. Using the Blackout EZTM Window Cover, you fall asleep fast, without the tossing and turning you now experience. You awake restored, refreshed and ready to go.

Parents of Small Children
Make nap time easier with the Blackout EZTM Window Cover. Children fall asleep faster and sleep longer when the room is dark. Use on the weekends when you want to encourage your early risers to sleep late.

Movie Enthusiast
Darken any room with the Blackout EZTM Window Cover to improve your home theater experience. Anytime is movie time with the Blackout EZTM Window Cover.

People Bothered by Street Lights
Use the Blackout EZTM to get the room dark and get the sleep you need.

Homeowners Wanting to Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs
The exclusive duplex fabric of the Blackout EZTM does wonders in reducing your heating and cooling costs. The Blackout EZTM cools those rooms with windows facing the hot sun. The Blackout EZTM Window Cover seals tight around the window frame eliminating the cold draft and keeping the warm air inside.

People Wanting Extreme Privacy
The Blackout EZTM Window Cover provides extreme privacy and will prevent 'Silhouettes on the Shade'.

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