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Hook & Loop Tape

The exclusive Blackout EZTM Window Cover Fastening System is now available by the yard!

Our adhesive backed hook and loop tape is popular because of the ease of application. Simply remove the release film and press in place.

The exclusive Velcro ® Fastening System consist of two mating components: hook and loop. The woven hook tape consists of minute, flexible "hooks" which engage with a mating loop tape comprised of small, soft "loops." When pressed together, the resulting closure is adjustable, highly secure and light proof*. To reopen , the closure is simply peeled apart.

Our hook and loop tape is backed with a acrylic adhesive great for high temperature performance and superior bond.

* To achieve a light proof seal, at least one side (hook or loop) must be black.

Hook (hard side) & Loop (soft side) Are Sold Separately.

Price is by the running yard, so when purchasing, please type the number of yards you need into the quantity box  and Click "Add to Cart".

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