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Reflectix® Insert
Reflectix® Insert
Reflectix® Insert
Reflectix® Insert
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Reflectix® Insert

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Product Description

The Problem: Heat is a big issue with RVs

Heat flows in one direction only... from hot to cold. We already know this. In winter our warm air escapes outside and summer heat invades our cool space. Both seasons have our heating and cooling systems cycling on/off day and night. With recreational RVers like me it’s a problem - with full-timers it’s a big money problem!

The largest heat gain/loss is through our windows. RVs have cheap single pane windows for two reasons; cost and weight. Glass is expensive and heavy.

The Solution: Reflectix® Inserts

Heat flows by Conduction, Convection and Radiation. Forget Convection... it really doesn’t apply here. Radiation sure does because it’s the biggest problem. Infra-Red rays radiating from the sun enters our windows heating up our units. The good news is Reflectix® Double Bubble insulation reflects 97% of these rays. Now for Conduction... because air has low density, the percent heat transfer by conduction is small. The Reflectix® Double Bubble insulation is 5/16” thick with... you guessed it... air bubbles to stop heat transfer.

Our Reflectix® Inserts are custom cut to work with your Blackout EZ window covers to provide that one - two punch against heat loss/gain while providing a pleasing interior finish. Orders yours today!

Ordering your Reflectix® Inserts is E-Z. If you already have our RV covers, enter the dimensions for the insert size and order.

If you don’t already have our covers and want to order the Reflectix® Inserts only, watch the video on measuring your RV window and download the Radius Measuring Template before ordering.

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