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LARGE (45 x 66 inches) - Black/White

LARGE (45 x 66 inches) - Black/White


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Hi! I'd like to share my experience with Blackout EZ window covers. I have
an arch window in the bedroom and could not sleep because of the
neighborhood lights shining all night. I sent for a custom cover for the
arch, and it came right on time, perfectly measured, with everything I
needed to put up the cover. I am not at all handy, but this was easy even
for me! The directions are completely clear, illustrated, and easy to
follow, step by step. In literally 5 minutes, my arched window was covered
up, and it looks nicely unobtrusive inside and out. This morning I woke up
having had the first good night's sleep since buying this house! I cannot
believe how good I feel. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr Stanley.
Brilliant invention, great customer service, super company.
Date Added: 01/30/2014 by Anne Coldiron
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