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LARGE (45 x 66 inches) - Black/White

LARGE (45 x 66 inches) - Black/White


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I love these; they are the best product out there by far. I have tried almost everything possible (Aluminum Foil, Plastic contractor Bags, Cardboard Boxes, etc.)To have my room free of sunlight and while most were merely a temporary yet ugly solution they still never resolved the main issue which was to block the sunlight. They either tore, sagged, caulk came undone, light came through corners of cardboard, and on and on.
I then ran across these and figured what's the worst that can happen? Until I finally put them up and now I sleep with a totally blacked out room. This is very important for me since I work 12 hour shifts 7p-7a and sleep during the day, so blocking the sun is a must or I'll never get to sleep. These work so well that I am now seeing how poorly my lighting in my room is and I will get LED's to compensate, I am also going to purchase more of these for my man cave so I can watch all of my movies in total darkness without the sun casting light on my screen.
Glad I found them.
Arnold Davis
Date Added: 09/20/2013 by Arnold Davis
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