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SMALL (36 x 48 inches) - Black/White

SMALL (36 x 48 inches) - Black/White


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I was very skeptical and delayed in purchasing these and wish I hadn't! I was purchasing one for my infant daughters bedroom window so she sleeps well for daytime naps and she goes to bed before the sun goes down. When her door is shut the room is completely dark and its fabulous! I ordered 2 just to try one in the one window in my bedroom that the sun always faces and my room has actually stayed much cooler and it keeps the light out of course. Now I just need to measure the big window and order one for that. Very easy to put up, I don't say install because that sounds complicated and its definitely not. I actually didn't even cut them because I may move in the next year and I want to be able to take them with me, still works perfectly! I recommend these to everyone!!
Date Added: 07/12/2016 by candice mendicino
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