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SMALL (36 x 48 inches) - Black/White

SMALL (36 x 48 inches) - Black/White


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My husband works the graveyard shift at a correctional facility. A sometimes stressful job, to say the least, especially when he stresses about sleeping soundly day to day. We have tried numerous ways of blocking the light which always seems to filter in aroung edges and through several layers of thick fabrics. Asthetically, (I love interior design) our room is messy and unrestful simply due to the nature of these purely functional (or disfunctional) 'window treatments'. THANK YOU! Your product is a miracle and functions as well and as easily as advertised. The instructional video was right-on and very helpful. I am going to recommend this product to everyone I meet who suffers from 'graveyard-shift-syndrome'. We bought 3 small covers,though 1 large would have done the job, covering the top and using a white strip on the blackside of the cover along the bottom, then used another small and cut out for the air conditioner which is used practically year round but for a few months in winter (my husband is his own furnace!) and I will use the 3rd to cover the bottom when the A/C unit is removed. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I think you are a GENIOUS, and wish you a very successful entreprenurial career!!!! (I can't wait to decorate my 'new' bedroom!)
Date Added: 08/05/2009 by Shantell Leinan
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