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Product Description

Creating 1,000 Million Dollar Businesses! (The EZ Way)

I believe in sharing knowledge and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to build successful online businesses. That's why we're excited to offer "The EZ Way” eBook for free. In this book, I share my personal journey, strategies, and insights that have led to the creation of multiple million-dollar online ventures.

Why Free?

I believe in paying it forward. By making this valuable resource accessible to everyone, my goal is to inspire and guide 1,000 individuals in achieving their own million-dollar online businesses.

What You'll Learn

  • The mindset and strategies that drive online business success.
  • Actionable steps to start and scale your online venture.
  • Insider tips on marketing, sales, and customer engagement.

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Visit our blog on TheEZWay.com to dive deeper into topics from the book. Ask questions, share your experiences, and join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Podcast Conversations

Your questions fuel our podcast discussions. Tune in to hear me answer your inquiries, provide additional insights, and interview industry experts.

Ready to Take Action?

Schedule a consultation with me for personalized guidance and strategies tailored to your business goals. Our consultations are designed to help you navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and accelerate your path to success.

Let's Build 1,000 Million-Dollar Businesses Together!

Download our free eBook "The EZ Way" now and embark on your journey to online business success.

About Author

Tim Stanley

It all started while working night shift as a delivery driver for the local newspaper. I had trouble sleeping during the day and realized a dark room was the solution. I covered my windows with blankets, cardboard, duct tape and anything else I could find. I was young, married with a small child and little money so these were my options. It worked but the problem was I couldn’t remove it to allow for sunlight when not sleeping. The idea for the Blackout EZ window cover was born!

Fast forward… two more kids, graduated from college, engineering career and I finally launch my company while working full-time in February 2007. Working the business after hours and weekends I was able to quit my job in May 2011. Blackout EZ LLC is now a muti-million dollar online business with ten employees.

What you will learn with this eBook

Chapter One: Choose the "Perfect" Product

Chapter Two: Choose a "Brand" Name

Chapter Three: Get the Price Right

Chapter Four: Launch Where You Are With What You Have

Chapter Five: Start Selling Online

Chapter Six: Listen (And Learn) From Your Customers

Chapter Seven: Embrace Competition

Chapter Eight: Know What Business You Are In

Chapter Nine: Stay Committed to Continuous Improvement and Obsessed with Quality

Chapter Ten: Get Help When You Need It

Chapter Eleven: Stay Willing and Able to Pivot and Push Through Tough Times

Chapter Twelve: Invest in Your Personal health and Wellness

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