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Blackout Window Tint

Putting Blackout Window Tint in your vehicle has multiple benefits, including security, privacy and blocking out UV rays. There is always a stigma behind it, yet it feeling save in your own vehicle is something anyone desires. This is why it should never be considered a bad investment.

Protection From The Sun

Whether you are allergic to the sun or not, excessive sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. Not only that, the inside of your car can become damaged from prolonged exposure to intense sunlight. This is especially a problem for cars with leather interiors.

While getting some sun is good for the production of Vitamin D, it is mostly the harmful UV rays that will come through the windshield. This is why a black window tint is useful for keeping your skin healthy, This includes sunspots, skin discoloration or melanoma.

Keeping Cool in the Summer

You and your kids may overheat in the car, even with your air conditioner on full blast. This is easily mitigated with black window tint as it blocks out the sun. There are also tinted windows with a reflecting exterior that adds to the cooling effect.

Having Blackout Window Tint is Stylish

Not only is black window tint practical, but it may also be used as a fashion statement. Imagine combining it with dark colors or even contrasting colors like white or yellow. Black fits in with everything.

It is also able to accommodate the style of certain car details. It would especially look great if you want your car to have an intimidating style. Using your creativity, you can find a way to make your decals fit in with the color scheme and window tint.

Protection From Theft

While having black window tint doesn’t completely remove theft from your life, it is still a deterrent for petty crimes. Many thieves will break open windows to steal valuables from a car, but that’s only if they can see through the windows to scout them out. If you have blacked out windows, you would be a low target for impulsive petty thefts.

Having said that, you still need to take basic measures to keep your car safe. A good start is to always lock your car, even in your own property, and to always leave the windows up. Tinted windows won’t help much if the thief may simply open the door.

Does it Take Long To Install Black Window Tint?

The installation time and difficulty would depend on the type of installation. With our proprietary product, it would literally take a few minutes to place our tinted covers on your windows.

With the hook & loop Velcro mechanism, it seals around the window without needing unusual pressure or specialized tools. There is also a white exterior available to help reflect the sunlight, adding to its cooling effect.

Final thoughts

Window tint is practical and stylish, but you would need to personally evaluate your needs before purchasing it. If you have any questions about putting in black window tint, consult with us at 1-888-375-2376.

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