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Blackout Window Treatments

Do Blackout Window Treatments Work?

Quality blackout window covers from Blackout EZ provide total blackout and can install in just a few minutes. If you're looking for the simplest solution for added privacy, for children's rooms, for a better movie experience, or for times when you need to sleep during daylight hours, you'll find our window covers are perfect for the job. Blackout EZ window treatments not only keep the light out, but they also reduce heating and cooling costs. For rooms with windows facing the sun, our window covers provide a tight seal, keeping the heat out and the cold air in.

Are Blackout Curtains and Darkening Curtains the Same?

Blackout EZ window treatments are superior to room darkening curtains because they block out all of the light coming in from the outside. Room darkening curtails only filter the sunlight, allowing some light in, which is not always ideal for night shift workers or parents of small children who take naps during the day. Our blackout window treatments mimic the nighttime and create a more desirable atmosphere in any room where you want to prevent the sunlight from entering.

How Do I Choose the Best Blackout Window Covers?

Look for a product with a satisfaction guarantee, excellent customer reviews, and resources online to help you understand exactly what you're buying. Blackout EZ's FAQ section can answer all of your questions about our blackout window treatments before you buy, so you'll be able to make the right choice for your windows. We are proud of our industry-leading 100% money back guarantee if you're not totally thrilled with the performance of our product. We believe we have the best blackout covers on the market and we stand behind every order.

Do Blackout Window Treatments Come in Custom Sizes?

Not all companies offer their product in customizable sizes, which is why it's important to explore product details and website resources before you make a purchase online. Blackout EZ can create a blackout treatment for any window size- use the link for 'custom sizes' located on our ordering page or call one of our product specialists if you need help getting an accurate measurement. We're happy to help you complete your order so you'll receive exactly the right size.

Can I Use Blackout Window Treatments on Any Type of Window?

Be sure to read product specifications to find out whether a product can be used on your window type. When you order from Blackout EZ, you'll have added peace of mind that our products work on every kind of window including stained and painted wood, vinyl, metal framed, casement, sliding, and sash windows- and they're so easy to install, anyone can complete the installation process in just a few minutes. Additional advantages of using Blackout EZ Window Covers:

  • Our material cuts easily with household scissors but is impossible to tear
  • Offers 100% total blackout
  • Easy storage fold-up
  • No tape measure required
  • Sticks even in extreme heat and cold
  • Easy-clean with a damp cloth
  • Mildew resistant
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