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Campus Safety Shades for Door Windows

The safety of public facilities like government offices, medical centers, and schools is of utmost importance to security if the country. While the government implements the best possible security measures, citizens help to enforce their safety by purchasing protective tools like guns and campus safety shades for door windows.

Lockdown shades play a crucial role in raising the security of the building and improving the privacy of the residents. These windows reinforce the installed security measures by obscuring vision from both the inside and outside. The structures of the shades make them empowering to students in school, and they help the staff create efficient exit or protection strategies. 

Choosing the right campus safety shades for door windows

Visual coverage

Contemplating the right choice of shade includes analyzing the quality of the cover. Hold the shade up to the light and be keen on whether you can make out the view of the items behind. 

A high-quality shade should have a blacked-out fabric that retains its performance in all lighting settings. You want a window covering that uses sturdy material and stays in place in deployment.

Easy installation

The window covering should be easy to install and use. The strips at the top of the shades allow the staff to install the covers above the window in offices and classrooms without needing tools, trained professionals of hardware. 

Classroom window coverings need a user-friendly mode of operation so that the top stays intact when the bottom drops down. This setting allows the window to have complete coverage in an instant. 

You need to be wary of skipping steps because pulling the wrong string could mean you tamper with the steady operation. Additionally, ensure that you purchase high-quality products with clear instructional manuals. Extra security around the hem of the cover minimizes the amount of caution one observes during a an emergency breach of security.


Many coverings emphasize their low prices and high-quality status. This case is beneficial for an institution that wants to order in bulk. The only downside is that some sellers reduce their costs and reduce the quality of materials and processes used to create the covers. 

Black Out EZ has several window cover sizes that do not exceed $40 for one. We have detailed descriptions of each campus safety shades for door windows and commit to maintaining the same quality in bulk orders. Study the following aspects to ascertain the quality of the cover:

  • Velcro strip – A narrow strip at the top of the shade will save you the cost of purchasing additional protection. The cover will last as long as the description and is unlikely to fall off its attachment.
  • Quality of fabric – All our products have an opaque and light obscuring material. You can confirm the quality of the content by ensuring that it does not fold along the edges and corners when stretched out
  • Effectiveness – The deployment speed of the cover will determine whether it will be helpful in emergency cases


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