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Classroom Door Window Cover

At Blackout EZTM Window Covers, we manufacture quality classroom door window covers that are fast and easy to install. Our products are made from vinyl, a virtually indestructible material. They are durable, reliable, and available in black and white. These window covers are also certified fire resistant. They are perfect for keeping students and teachers safe during school lockdown emergencies.

What are Classroom Door Window Covers?

Classroom door window shades are a lifesaver during lockdown or emergency situations. These window covers are attached to classroom doors to cover the windows on the classroom door in emergency situations. This will help keep students safe. Our classroom door covers are suitable for EOG testing, Kindergarten nap time, movies and several other class projects.

Why Should You Cover Classroom Door Window?

Many school doors feature windows which allow any individual outside the door to see what’s going on inside the classroom. These classroom door windows need to be protected or reinforced. There should be a removable covering which can be easily applied or rolled down. Thus, preventing visual observation from outside the classroom.

Also, the cover will help block classroom views from intruder during a lockdown situation. The window covers will completely blackout the classroom. This will ensure that security and safety of both student and teachers during school lockdown emergencies.

Why Use a Classroom Door Window Shades?

Classroom door window shades and covers anyone outside from seeing students in the classroom. Some reasons to use Classroom door window shades include:

  • The shades completely block views from the hallway.
  • They are functional, efficient and effective.
  • The covers are easy to install.
  • They stay securely attached to door windows.
  • They are very affordable and fire retardant.

How Do You Install the Classroom Door Window Shades?

Our classroom door window shades are very easy to install. No hardware or drilling is required during the installation. They come with hook and tape to attach to your classroom door window. Simply place the shade over your classroom door window and press around the edges. They will attach firmly to the door window. You can easily roll away when not in use.

How Do You Care for the Classroom Door Window Shades?

In addition, our classroom door window shades are easy to maintain. No need to wash or dry. You can simply wipe clean using a damp cloth.

Need Classroom Door Window Covers? Contact Us Today!

Don’t wait until it becomes too late. Students can become a target when an active shooter sees into the classroom. Classroom door window shades are a great investment for any school that values safety. Installing a blackout shade between the active shooter and your students or teachers will be all you need to save lives.

Contact us today at Blackout EZTM Window Covers. We sell quality products including, classroom door window covers, window covers, blackout shades, and many more. Our window covers are easy to use. They are the best options for lockdown situations. They will serve your needs excellently for an extended period.

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