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DIY RV Privacy Shades

Use BlackOut AZ's heavy-duty window coverings for DIY RV privacy shades and save a lot of money on your shades. Typically, any type of accessory for your RV is going to cost a lot more than one made for a traditional house or apartment. You don't have to spend a lot of money at BlackOut EZ to create your own DIY RV blackout window covers- everything you need is available on our site. Even if you've never made your own shades before, you'll find videos and instructions on our site will make it very easy.

3 Easy Steps to making Your own DIY RV Blackout Shades

Step One: Make sure to get an accurate measurement of your RV's windows. Since the center of RV windows can tend to slope inward, it's a good idea to measure close to the corners. Measure from side to side at the top or bottom corner, close to where the radius begins but not inside of the radius. Record your measurements to include with your order.

Step Two: Since RV windows are made with Radius corners, you'll need to know the size of radius. Don't worry- we make the process very simple. Download the Cover Radius Template available online at BlackOut EZ Window Covers, cut out each radius and hold them up to your window one at a time until you've determined the correct size of radius for your covers. Take your time to ensure a correct radius measurement for total blackout or privacy conditions once installed. Don't forget to include this information along with your window's measurements when placing your order.

Step Three: Once your custom blackout curtains for RV installation arrive by mail, prepare your RV's window tracks by cleaning with alcohol and paper towels. Everything will be labeled for you for easy installation. Return to our website and click on 'BlackOut EZ RV' to find our installation video that will walk you through the entire process in just minutes. If your measurements were accurate, you'll have a perfect fit and instant blackout conditions inside of your RV.

Repeat For Multi-Window DIY RV Privacy Shades

If you're like a lot of our RV customers, you relish the time you have to yourself after a long day of traveling or a fun-filled day of camping, hiking, or exploring. There's no better way to block out the sun and enjoy a noon-time nap or close up your RV for the night and prevent prying eyes from looking in than by installing our shades on every window in your recreational vehicle. Best of all, our RV window covers are totally customizable- even for unique window sizes that other shades won't fit.

Speak with an RV window shade specialist from BlackOut EZ Window Covers by calling 888-375-2376 or connect with us through our website if you have questions or need assistance placing your order. Feel free to return to our video resources at any time if you need a refresher course on how to measure or install our products. It's so easy to make DIY RV privacy shades, and the costs are minimal on our website.

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