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Easy Install Blackout Curtains

You'll find a dozen reasons to choose Blackout EZ Window Covers over the competition when you're looking for 100% blackout shades for your home, office, or RV. As you compare other products with ours, keep in mind our promise to keep installation a simple task- not a chore. Pick up on the savings by investing in our blackout curtains that are extremely durable and cost-effective- no other product on the market can compare in terms of value, quality, or affordability.

3 Step Installation Process

You won't have to unfold a detailed map just to install our blackout shades; simply watch one of our online videos to see how to install blackout curtains in a matter of minutes. With our product, there are no tools needed to complete the job. We think the best blackout shades should go up quickly and be easy to take down, as well. Our design team has created a product that is extremely popular with homeowners, recreational vehicle owners, and commercial businesses.

  1. Measure and cut tape and blackout shades
  2. Apply self-sticking tape to window frames and shades
  3. Press shades firmly into place

Customer Rated: Best Blackout Shades- Here's Why

If you have a tape measure and a pair of scissors, you can install our product like a pro, regardless of whether you have any prior handyman experience. We've designed our Blackout WZ window covers to withstand years of being put up and taken down. If you like things extra dark at night but want to let the sunshine in during the day, that's not a problem with our product. Seasonal installation is easy, too; fold up our shades for convenient storage.

Blackout EZ Window Covers' Promise

We guarantee total blackout conditions with our easy install blackout curtains. If you have a hard time getting to sleep at night due to headlights from nearby roads or need a way to completely block out the light in order to sleep in the daytime, our shades are ideal. Our product's unique velcro adhesive allows you to attach every inch of our shade's perimeter to your window frame and block out all incoming light. An additional benefit to using our shades is that they also block out the daytime heat, so you'll notice energy bills are lower when using our products.

Truly the Best Blackout Curtains

Still not convinced that our shades are the best? Spend a few minutes on our website checking out resources, like video instructions, customer reviews, FAQs, and more, then get in touch with us by phone at 888-375-2376 to speak with our team. Your investment is protected by a money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with the quality and ease of installation you'll experience with Blackout EZ.

Our window covers offer the easiest way to a dark room. Who benefits from our easy install blackout curtains?

  • Parents of small children who nap and rest during the day
  • Night shift workers who sleep in the day
  • Those who value privacy
  • Anyone bothered by street light reflections
  • Homeowners looking to reduce energy costs
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