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Exterior RV Window Covers

Blackout EZ is the product of the year for 2020! Simply order a standard size Blackout EZ RV window cover or take your own measurements and have us cut it to size. To install, simply snap-on instantly to eliminate light, make your RV see-through, and make your RV a few degrees cooler during the hot afternoon. People who use Blackout EZ in their homes can reduce their annual cooling costs by up to 30%. Blackout EZ is a quick and easy to install blackout shade that can cool an RV up to 15 degrees during hot days. The unique fabric of Blackout EZ exterior RV window covers blocks up to 99% of the sun's harmful rays, and it adds a level of privacy to your RV so that people can't look inside when they walk by.

How to Get Custom Exterior RV Window Covers from Blackout EZ

The Blackout EZ RV comes in standard sizes, or it can be custom cut per your specifications. We just need a few basic dimensions to create your custom exterior RV window covers. First, we need you to measure top to bottom for the height and from the side-to-side to give us the width. You'll also want to give us the measurement of the radius around the corner of your RV windows as well. Not sure how to do this correctly? No problem. Simply download the Corner Radius Template right here on this website.

Once you download the Corner Radius Template from this website, you will want to print the template at 100% view. Radius sizes differ from 2.5 radius to 4.25 radius, which is standard for modern RVs. You will use this template, starting at the 4.25 radius mark, working your way down, and you will be able to figure out exactly which radius is correct for your RV windows. This will allow us to make the right custom cuts for you. The Blackout EZ is guaranteed to be easy. It installs in just minutes and requires no tools.

Do Exterior RV Window Covers Really Work?

The Blackout EZ RV will arrive at your doorstep custom-cut and ready to install. To install Black, simply use the black velcro straps that come with your Blackout EZ RV window cover. Since most RV windows have black frames, simply place the black velcro straps on the frame. You'll then apply some velcro straps to the back of the Blackout EZ RV fabric.

Blackout EZ products work very well at blocking out light, adding privacy to an RV, and cooling an RV during the hottest hours of the day. Blackout EZ window covers feature a patented hook and loop velcro fastening system that provides for an unequally tight seal around your windows, blocking out the sun and any unwanted light. Blackout shades, blackout curtains, and blackout liners block out most of the light, but Blackout EZ provides for 100%, unrivaled room darkening and cooling. Order yours today.

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