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Lockdown Door Shades for Classroom

Mass shootings have become rampant in the recent past. As a result, schools have resorted to lockdown drills to help prepare the students in case of any incidents. However, even with the heightened awareness and the addition of security personnel and metal detectors, more still needs to be done, such as installing lockdown door shades for classroom. The security shades from Blackout EZ help reduce kidnappings, theft, attacks, and other threats in learning institutions.

The Importance of Security Shades

Security shades are important for a number of reasons:

  • Intruders conduct surveillance before attacking. They do this to get an understanding of the building and which rooms are used so that they can pick out their targets. Lockdown shades keep the visibility in institutions obscured hence making it harder for intruders to assess their targets.
  • Security shades help keep school property and students’ belongings safe. They also help prevent kidnappings by giving outsiders blackout. Therefore, with no visibility, they can't scope out a target.
  • Activities or movements outside the classroom can easily disrupt students. Having lockdown shades keeps the students from being distracted and helps them concentrate on what’s important—learning.

 At Blackout EZ, we are committed to keeping students and teachers safe with our window treatments and covers.

What are the Features of Lockdown Shades?

Blackout EZ shades have the following features that make them effective in ensuring the security and safety of students and staff.

  • Quick Deployment – The shade requires only a few seconds to fall in place after being released.
  • Fire Retardant (NFPA Compliant) – This means the shades are slow to burn and can be self–extinguishing in case they are exposed to open fire.
  • Quick Installation – There is no hardware or drilling required; you only need an adhesive.
  • Stays Close to the Door Window – It doesn’t curl, this means it does not reveal the occupants inside the room.

Why Should You Never Use Paper During A Lockdown?

Paper should never be used instead of shades for classroom windows during a lockdown. That's because there won't be time to cut paper and tape it to the windows in case of an emergency. Moreover, paper violates fire regulations. Presently, there are lockdown shades that make education facilities safe and learning environments secure. So, select the right lockdown shade from Blackout EZ that best suits your needs.

How to Improve Classroom Safety

Here’s how you can improve the safety and security in classrooms:

  • Safety zones should be identified where the staff, teachers, and students can hide without being seen. If an attacker does not see anyone, then it's highly unlikely that they’ll attack.
  • Lockdown door shades provide an easy way for students and the teacher to stay out of sight.
  • Another way of ensuring safety is by having a ballistic resistance door. This can be a costly project, but it can go a long way in securing students and teachers.

Best Cover Shades for You

Insecurity has become rampant. That’s why you need lockdown door shades for classroom to increase the security measures for students and staff in learning institutions. Get in touch with us today on 1-888-375-2376 for any questions about our shades.

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