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Lockdown Window Covers for School

Security concerns in public places such as schools have risen in recent years as a result of multiple shooting incidences in the country. While measures are being taken to safeguard all entry and exit points, it’s easy to forget that windows provide an opportunity for attackers to gain intelligence on the inside of a building. That is why at Blackout EZ, we provide lockdown window covers for school buildings. Our window treatments effectively keep students and teachers out of sight from potential assailants.

What are Window Treatments?

Window treatments are covers placed over windows for aesthetic or functional purposes. When put in place, they hide the window frame and panes from view. Lockdown window covers are a type of treatment used mainly for security purposes.

What are the Different Types of Windows Treatments?

Window treatments vary in design and materials used. The following are the common types of window treatments:

  • Soft Treatments – Soft treatments are made using fabrics and sheer material. They include curtains and drapery. These treatments are mostly used for aesthetic purposes, and they’re available in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns.
  • Hard Treatments – These are made using solid materials such as wood or plastic. Examples are shutters, blinds, and shades. Hard treatments are great for controlling the amount of sunlight entering a space, complementing the décor, and providing privacy.
  • Layered Treatments – Window treatments that use both soft and hard materials are referred to as layered. Venetian blinds are an example as they're made of strips of plastic or wood, which are suspended by cloth.

Benefits of Lockdown Covers

While blinds, shutters, and curtains provide a measure of privacy, it’s important to use lockdown covers in rooms where there’s an increased need for security. Also, there are other instances in which blackout covers work better, including:

  • Blocking Light – With treatments such as curtains or blinds, it’s common to have slivers of light slipping through the sides when they’re closed. Others are made of semi-transparent material that doesn’t completely block out the light. Lockdown covers are opaque and cover the entire frame of the window, which allows no light into the room.
  • Conserving Energy – Blackout covers offer insulation that conserves energy in summer and winter. During the cold months, they lock in the heat indoors, whereas in the hot months, they prevent the outdoor heat from affecting the temperature in the house. You can use blackout covers to save on the energy bills, especially in a school or commercial building setting.
  • Noise Blocking – Lockdown covers made of high-quality material can effectively block out noise from the outside. In schools, this can help students concentrate better.

Get the Right Lockdown Window Covers

With the right lockdown window covers, you can enjoy benefits such as privacy, room darkness when you need to sleep during the day, and total invisibility in times of insecurity. Choose the best lockdown window covers for school from Blackout EZ, where we ensure you get the right sizes for all the windows. Call us today on 1-888-375-2376 for more details about our window covers.

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