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Room Darkening Window Treatments

Blackout EZ Window Cover is a line of five blackout cover products for total blackout and room darkening window treatments. Blackout EZ has blackout and room darkening options for a variety of applications, including homes, bedrooms, schools, RVs, and other facilities. You may choose from our selection of room darkening shades and the best room darkening blinds that you can buy online! Choose from the standard size blackout window covers from Blackout EZ Window Cover:

  • Small (36" width x 48" length)
  • Large (45" width x 66" length)

If you need a larger size, Blackout EZ also offers other standard sizes now:

  • LARGE (45 x 66 inches) - Black/White
  • LARGE (45 x 66 inches) - White/White
  • LARGE (45 x 66 inches) - Navy Blue/White
  • SMALL (36 x 48 inches) - Black/White
  • SMALL (36 x 48 inches) - White/White

Still can't find the right size? No problem! Simply click on the Custom Sizes button in the menu on this website. You will receive instructions on how to easily make the right measurements for your custom-made Blackout Ez Window Cover.

Blackout EZ Window Cover offers effective room darkening window treatments in the form of blinds and curtains - whatever your preference is! Blackout EZ Window Cover can be made from two types of materials:

  1. Vinyl
  2. Polyester / Cotton

With these materials, you can have your own custom blackout shades or blackout curtains made to fit your windows and doors.  

Choose the Best Blackout Shades

At Blackout EZ Window Cover, you can choose from Blackout EZ (vinyl) or Blackout EZ Premier (polyester/cotton). This product has a poly-cotton inner-shell and a polyester/cotton outer shell. To order Blackout EZ Premier, a minimum of at least one dimension 110" or less is required. This product is custom-made to order and shapes quickly in just 3-5 business days.

For the Blackout EZ Premier, you will have a wider color solution, including the following: 

  • Black/White
  • White/White
  • Navy Blue/White
  • Ivory/White
  • Baby Girl Pink/White
  • Baby Boy Blue/White

This product also comes with black loop tape and sewn-on white hook tape. Contrast this to the Blackout EZ.

The Blackout EZ is our standard blackout window darkening treatment. The options are a little more limited than with the Blackout EZ Premier, but the Blackout EZ Basic is still a great product none-the-less. The differences are primarily in the color selection and max dimension. For example, the Blackout EZ has a max dimension of 72" or less, compared to 110" for the Blackout EZ Premier. The basic Blackout EZ ships in just 2-3 business days, and comes in the following color scheme:

  • Black/White
  • White/White
  • Navy Blue/White
  • Reflect Sun

The Blackout EZ comes with white hook tape and black loop tape, wipes clean easily, rolls up, and stores easily. The Blackout EZ also comes with rounded corners option for RVs. Just send us a message or give us a call for standard or custom-made Blackout EZ Window Cover room darkening window treatments.

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