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Safety Lockdown Shades

Because of the recent mass shootings in malls and schools, safety lockdown shades have become crucial to the safety of students and teachers. Lockdown shades are installed on classroom door windows as an extra security precaution. Blackout EZ provides security shades that ensure the visibility of the threat or intruder is disrupted. Blocking the classroom door or windows makes it difficult to figure out what’s going on in that room. That alone significantly increases the chances of survival in case of a lockdown. Apart from schools and institutions, lockdown shades can be installed in virtually any setting, such as the doctor's office and mall shops.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing Security Shades?

To make the most out of your security shades, you have to find the right shades that meet your specific requirements and needs. You also have to install them the right way. Here are the major factors to consider when selecting security shades:

  • Evaluate your Needs – Do you need security shades that are fully insulated? You’ll have to take into account the climate. If you’re located in a temperate area, then you should consider choosing shades with insulation. You can also opt for insulating window treatments if you have drafty windows. These treatments create a cozy and comfortable indoor environment.
  • Your Budget – How much do you plan on spending? A major purchase such as this requires careful thought. The shades you buy should be within your budget. Your budget should also include other anticipated costs, such as installation costs, maintenance, and other additional features if any.
  • Privacy – Windows are access points. With them, you can see outside, but that also means anyone on the outside can see you. Different types of window treatments provide you with varying degrees of privacy. Hence, the amount of privacy you want to achieve should determine the treatments you go with. For instance, if you want absolute privacy, then blackout shades are ideal.
  • Interfering Hardware – Hardware may get in the way of custom shades. Wide windows might also limit your options of window covers.

How Do You Clean Blackout Shades?

Keeping blackout shades clean helps them to look their best and, at the same time, keeps allergens at bay. The fabric of your shades will determine how often you need to clean your window treatments. Here are tips to properly clean your blackout shades:

  • You can spot clean your blackout shades with a small amount of soap and lukewarm water, and then air dry them. Don't immerse the shades in water.
  • Avoid using magnetic cleaners such as dust mitts. They’ll damage the fabric’s UV- and light-blocking abilities.
  • Put the vacuum cleaner on low setting and use the dusting attachment to remove surface dust and dirt gently.
  • To prevent permanently creasing the delicate fabric, don’t rub too hard when cleaning.

Blackout EZ window shades are easy to care for. All you need to do is wipe the fabric clean using a damp cloth.

Window Treatments Just for You

Safety lockdown shades are available for your business, school, and even home. Security starts with you. Call us today on 1-888-375-2376 to get window shades that suit your needs, whether standard or customized, depending on your preference.

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