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School Lockdown Shades

School lockdown shades can provide an additional level of security that every school and university must have. Today, many non-profit organizations, office and government buildings, and even medical facilities are utilizing lockdown shades from Blackout EZ. Even churches and places of worship are often subjected to horrific random acts of violence in America today. It's best to be prepared.

From Columbine to Sandy Hook, it's sad that the worst-case scenario seems to be turning into the norm these days. The only thing we can do is take measures to protect ourselves.

What are School Lockdown Shades?

Lockdown shades are not alone a solve-all. Lockdown school shades are merely a single part of a greater security system. Still, lockdown shades could save your life and the lives of those around you in the event of the worst-case scenario. Although some people have objections to the purpose of lockdown shades and their usefulness, countless studies have demonstrated their psychological and physical benefits.

For example, during school drills and real-life active shooter scenarios, whoever locks the door can drop the shades, and the entire room will be blacked out from the outside. We're talking 100% blackout! This means that nobody can see what's going on inside the room. This provides a tactical advantage for the classroom. They can prepare themselves to take action without detection, and the school lockdown shades provide a visual and psychological barrier between the classroom and the shooter.

Can I Buy Customized School Lockdown Shades?

Unlike other blackout shades manufacturers, Blackout EZ offers custom size window covers. Let's face it; not every window size is the same. Whether it's a door window or a wall window you wish to cover, some windows are taller and some windows are wider than others. You need lockdown shades that are a perfect fit for your windows, and that is why we create customized lockdown shades. Simply send us your window dimensions, and we'll manufacture shades just for you.

Are Lockdown Shades Safe?

Blackout EZ produces the finest lockdown shades in the business. Made from the finest fabrics and materials, you can expect your school lockdown shades to last for years to come. Durable and fire retardant, Blackout EZ window shades are strong and safe. Additionally, they are safe for your classroom's health. All of our shades are environmentally-friendly, safe for the environment or for everyone around.

Where Can I Buy School Lockdown Shades?

Blackout EZ allows you to order your blackout shades online from the convenience of your home or office. Simply select the shades you need, make your purchase, and wait for your order to arrive. You can choose standard or overnight delivery. In the meantime, if you have any questions about our services or special requests, don't hesitate to let us know. Blackout EZ is here to help you make your institution safer.

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