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security shades for school windows

After various shooting incidences in institutions, school administrators have been under pressure to ensure both children and staff are kept safe during school hours. This is a reasonable call, especially because some schools offer little protection from security threats.

Security shades for school windows are an effective security measure that can go a long way in improving the safety of classes. The shades limit the visibility of intruders from the outside and minimize the chances of anyone getting hurt. At Blackout EZ, we provide institutions with window covers that are easy to install, which makes them practical in emergencies. 

When Can You Use Window Shades?

Buying security shades for windows is economical since you can use them for several purposes.

Window shades can reduce the loss of energy through windows, lowering the cooling and heating bills, and improving the comfort of classrooms. Most types of window covers will result in energy savings; however, the exact saving will depend on the climate, the kind of attachment, and the season.

For kindergartens, window shades can be used during nap time to create a dark room for kids to sleep well.

Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Security Shades

When looking for security shades, avoid making the following mistakes if you want to buy functional window covers:

  • Getting an Improper Fit – Security covers are meant to give full coverage, entirely blocking all view from the outside. If you get a shade that is smaller than your window frame, it will leave gaps that an intruder can use to gain visual access into the room.
  • Disregarding Functionality – If you’re looking for security shades for windows, you should go for qualities such as opacity and ease of installation. For security purposes, aesthetics shouldn’t be the primary concern, as is the case when you’re trying to improve the appearance of a space. Prioritize the features that make the window covers great for privacy, then move on to other needs.

How Can You Improve the Safety of Classrooms?

Some of the recommendations for safety in classrooms include:

Window Coverings – The best window treatments for enhancing classroom security are opaque covers that can be easily and quickly deployed. If a classroom doesn't have a hard corner where the students or teachers can take cover, security shades offer an effective solution for staying out of the attacker’s sight.

Safety Zones – Hard corners inside classrooms need to be identified. These are zones where the occupants can go to without being seen by intruders outside of the class. If intruders can’t see anyone inside a room, they’re less likely to attack.

Ballistic Resistant Glass – While this is a tight security measure, it requires a considerable amount of funding, which many schools don't readily have. Therefore, the simplest solution for increasing safety in schools is to install quick-release security shades on the interior windows of classrooms.

Secure Your School

With the benefits of using window covers, it's important to ensure that classroom windows are adequately equipped. At Blackout EZ, we provide different standard sizes of security shades for school windows, which are durable and specially made for emergencies. If you can't find the exact size for your windows in our options of standard sizes, we're more than happy to create the custom sizes you need. Call us today on 1-888-375-2376 for more information. It’s always a pleasure to serve you.

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