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Sleep Training Blackout Curtains

Humans have programming to sleep in dark and quiet rooms because light and noise suppress the hormones that give us a healthy long sleep. Babies must get in the habit of sleeping in darkness so they have a restful night and happier days. One way of ensuring this using blackout curtains to train them to the correct sleeping patterns. Parents who have babies with a challenging sleeping problem will quickly notice that the issue dissipates when they condition the environment to feel safe and soothing. 

How to use blackout curtains for nursery sleep training

Sleep training

Sleep training uses dark curtains to block the light from a degree of noise from infiltrating the room with the baby. Experts and parents say that there are many different ways to use these baby sleep training curtains for a healthy sleeping pattern, and unlike popular belief, the pediatric cannot force you to train your child to sleep.

The blackout shades for sleep training babies do not pose any danger to the child and have proven health benefits. It is a must-do for everyone who wants to skip the tumultuous sleep training process because the environment does not support a relaxed mind and heart. We emphasize that the best approach is one that suits your family’s lifestyle and budget, as well as the baby’s health status.

Tips of sleep training with black curtains

Use original curtains

Please make sure you use actual curtains from Blackout Window Curtain and do not substitute them with drapes. The drape has a visible layer and may have lighter colors that do not enforce total darkness. The typical sleep training blackout curtains have a dark color and thick fabric inbuilt features that block light and improve insulation. Our curtains have the additional rewards of style and will offer a pleasurable aesthetic and function in the room.

Intentional colors

As stated above, we have an array of styles and colors for the blackout energy-saving curtains. The standard colors for this particular purpose include grey, navy, black, and graphite. Some modern variations have brighter colors or multiple beautiful patterns, which are sufficient for the night. You can also consider buying a dark lining if you intend to use a light-colored curtain during the day.

Use sleep training methods.

Any sleep training for babies will work much better when you use the best blackout curtains. You can use various methods to suit all your goals and needs and slowly find a gradual approach that works best for your child. Consider the following examples for your sleep training routine:

Fading – This method trains the baby to sleep while weaning them off from their infancy habits. An example is that a child who sleeps typically when you rock them could benefit when you switch the rocking with a song or reading a book, and finally reduce all habits until they can sleep quickly without mandatory conviction. It is best to introduce the curtains when you are just beginning to fade the habits and introducing a natural sleeping habit.

Are you having trouble choosing a blackout curtain? Take your time to go through our online shop before placing an order or contact 1-888-375-2376 for more information.

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