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Teacher Window Cover

A police member of the Columbia County Sheriff asked whether the blinds inside the classroom should be opened or closed during an active shooting in the building. Different experts weighed in and clarified why there is no definite answer to the question.

The correct answer depends on the department’s tactical skills and the capability of the students and teachers. Additionally, one cover could work exceptionally well in one situation and turn out to be horrible in a different one. A team that does not have enough tactical skills will reduce the efficiency of the covers and strategy.

Fundamental principle

Appropriate safety measures are different for every school. Despite this case, there are a couple of baseline guidelines that help any school situation. One key principle is that it is not necessary to cover the windows during normal daily operations. This working model ensures that teachers with questionable morals do not abuse students’ rights behind the veil of teacher window covers. 

It is also important to note that there are fewer school shootings than there are attacks on teachers. Covering the windows denies administrators the ability to monitor the students’ behaviors. 

Dangers of exposing classroom windows and doors

These are the most concerning facts about the role of the teacher window cover in active shooting scenarios:

  • The shooters can peer into the windows looking for targets
  • Shooters have a better chance of taking and making aims through the glass window

Recommendations for better safety in classrooms

There are few straightforward strategies for improving the security within the classroom. These are the most forthcoming ones for all educational institutions.

Safety zones

Using safety zones of hard corners within the classroom is a fast way of protecting everyone in the room. An intruder will not be able to spot anyone in the room when you use the teacher window cover to hide the sudden movements towards a hard corner.

Window coverings

Most classrooms have windows that run along with the doors. Window covers with completely opaque setups are perfect for creating a safe gathering zone in any area of the room

Ballistic resistant glass

An extensive recommendation of securing the classroom is installing bulletproof windows. Unfortunately, this option is too expensive for most public schools. A private school with enough funds or support can organize the raise of large amounts of money to replace every window in the building.


The staff must have enough training to initiate and direct the lockdown of windows and window covers. They should know how to operate both emergency and preventive lockdowns and use the proper code of communication to calm down the panic.

It is recommendable for each school to conduct as many hazardous drills as possible. Reverse evacuation drills are also important because each situation will have a unique arrangement of happenings.

Chemical incidents are rarer than active shootings but pose the an equal amount of severity. Demonstrating how to use teacher window covers in chemical incidents will prepare students and teachers in an extensive format.

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