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LARGE (45 x 66 inches) - White/White

LARGE (45 x 66 inches) - White/White


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I installed three Blackout EZ Window Covers within a few days of receiving them. The first took 45 minutes to install, the other two took 30 minutes total. (The advice from a previous review to cut the material just a little larger and measure twice; made for a perfect fit.) I am so very thrilled to finally get a full nights/day's sleep. (I work second shift.) It creates a complete pitch black room. Except for the crack under one of my window sill/moldings. That I will have to take up with my carpenter. I am so glad I found you people on the internet. I love the fact that when I put my air conditioner in the window, I will still be able to keep the room dark. As the remaining scraps or material and Velcro supplied should work well around it.
Date Added: 06/01/2014 by Pamela Caranfa
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