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Custom Blackout EZ Window Cover Premier (polyester/cotton)

Custom Blackout EZ Window Cover Premier (polyester/cotton)
[Custom Premier Polyester/Cotton]

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I recently purchased a new home and for the first time have had an East facing bedroom. Even with blinds and a "black out" curtain, so much light comes through so early in the morning that I was getting woken up way earlier than needed and it was really starting to effect my sleep. After hours searching and reading reviews of all kinds of products, I decided to give these a try. Boy, what a good decision that was. These are no joke. They will turn the room as dark as a cave. I got them for all the windows on my second floor and the first morning I woke up with them I thought I had woken up in the middle of the night because it was so dark. I love that you can easily take them down and have light in the room for the day if you want it. I've definitely been sleeping better since getting these. What an amazing product. I only wish I'd thought of it!!!
Date Added: 07/23/2018 by Christine J.
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