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Custom Blackout EZ Window Cover (vinyl)

Custom Blackout EZ Window Cover (vinyl)
[Custom Vinyl]

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I've been using the Blackout EZ curtains for 1 month now and I can definitely recommend this product to anyone. I work nights and these curtains make my room like night when it's the middle of the day! In fact it makes it so dark that it's unnatural! - I fixed that by "tweaking" the edges a little i.e. I eased apart the velcro edges a little to let in some light to give the effect of street lights - that worked perfectly. And you can adjust that to the amount of light that suits you.
Also, I experienced outstanding customer service - Blackout EZ contacted me to check my order was correct. I was thankful for that because I'd unknowingly ordered 2 of the same thing (velcro strips), and was so glad blackout EZ didn't just send it to me.
As for value for money - I don't know how to compare. I haven't priced similar products to see how it pans out if you were to put all this together yourself. I don't think you would save much, and just buying it means less hassle so for me it was worth it to just buy it all from Blackout EZ. But I guess if you are in more financially difficult circumstances it might be worth it to compile the products yourself. I don't know.
Overall, this is an excellent product that I wish I'd had years ago! I'd recommend this product to anyone without hesitation.
Date Added: 10/14/2014 by Jennifer Holstein
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