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Custom Blackout EZ Window Cover (vinyl)

Custom Blackout EZ Window Cover (vinyl)
[Custom Vinyl]

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Wow! Simply wow! I have been to retail stores, Home Depot, and never have I been able to find such a durable and quality product for a fraction of the price that I paid for on here.

I purchased 3 covers (two small black covers and a custom of 48x48). The price was well worth it; within about 3 days I received my covers and I had them installed within about 15mins. I work nights as a nurse in a busy ER and these covers are a godsend for me. They truly block out ALL of the light that manages to seep in to your room through standard black out curtains.

Once you have them installed, taking them off and on is just a matter of habit and takes a few seconds. You can rolled them up or fold them away until you have to sleep during the day again. I seriously, can't recommend this product enough.

Thank you for saving my sanity and I can finally sleep during the day without the blinding light of the sun shine through my window, lol!!
Date Added: 01/28/2016 by Julio Perez
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