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Custom Blackout EZ Window Cover (vinyl)

Custom Blackout EZ Window Cover (vinyl)
[Custom Vinyl]

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I've been working a night shift job for around 9 months now and had no idea how poorly I was sleeping until my first day with this cover. It's night and day... literally. I have a fairly sizable window that I had covered with some blankets (curtains had a lot of bleed around the edges), but a ton of light was still getting through. I can't stress enough the quality of sleep I got. I felt like I was on crack when I woke up. Energized and ready to start my night.

I really appreciated the extra steps taken in both the packaging and product I received. The end-caps on the tube were both stapled and taped to make sure they were secure. Also, even though it was custom cut, I received just a little bit extra velcro than the measurements I gave them; velcro I ended up needing due to my lackluster measurements. The fit was perfect, but the extra velcro went a long way to help with the contour of my window.

5/5 would purchase again. Fantastic product and service.
Date Added: 05/18/2017 by Kevin Holifield
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